Welcome to FishClyde, we will hopefully guide you to any information you will need to fish the River Clyde Scotland.

FishClyde do not own, control, or sell any tickets for the fishing on the river.

We are here to provide links and information in order for you to fish the river.

Below you will find the Clubs & Associations that control the fishing on the river & who to contact for permits to fish the river

Permits must be purchased prior to fishing the river or its tributary's

Permits cannot be purchased on the river.

River bailiffs & river wardens will be on patrol

Atlantic Salmon, Sea Trout, Brown Trout, Grayling, Pike & other coarse species.

River Clyde, Scotland
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Fly Fishing the Clyde (Salmon)

Rod: 11 - 14ft

Line: depending on conditions, full floater plus various tips, 8-15lb nylon tippet

Flies: various, cascade / flame thrower patterns, the Red Francise also does well

“A River Clyde Fav … The XT”


Rod: 10 - 13ft

Line: 20 - 30lb braid & 8-15lb 4ft nylon leader

Bait: Canadian wrigglers , Blackheads, low water tactics - DENDROBAENA’S

Worming the Clyde (Salmon)

Rod: 7-9ft

Line: 12-15lb nylon (4lb max for Trout)

Lures: Flying ‘C’ (Doms), black n orange fire tails, Salmo’s, Rapalas, Doms are the most popular.

Spinning the Clyde (Salmon)

“Ugly Stik - cant go wrong” !!! Click picture

Trotting(Float)fishing for Grayling

Rod: 11 - 13ft float / coarse rod

Line: 70-100yds of braid (4-6lb) on reel, 6-10ft 2/3lb nylon leader.

Hook: 16/18 hook to nylon

Reel: Centrepin (pictured) or fixed spool reel.

Floats: hand made by Graeme Pinkerton (facebook) / George Lochart (blog)

Weights: Drennan pole master lock n slide olivettes (various sizes depending on float used)

Weights(click image below)