Welcome to FishClyde, we will hopefully guide you to any information you will need to fish the River Clyde Scotland.

FishClyde do not own, control, or sell any tickets for the fishing on the river.

We are here to provide links and information in order for you to fish the river.

Below you will find the Clubs & Associations that control the fishing on the river & who to contact for permits to fish the river

Permits must be purchased prior to fishing the river or its tributary's

Permits cannot be purchased on the river.

River bailiffs & river wardens will be on patrol

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Atlantic Salmon, Sea Trout, Brown Trout, Grayling, Pike & other coarse species.

River Clyde, Scotland

Catch & return is encouraged ...

Nowadays with digital cameras and video, most anglers on the river that we know of return just about all of their catches through the season .. quick picture or video and then the fish is released.

Dont get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with taking a fish for the pot,  we like a nice 1lb-1.5lb fish for the plate now and again, that's the best size for eating, dont kill a big 4-5lb fish for eating, this is what you call your ‘breeding stock’ … big fish that spawn produce big fish in later years.

As for the Salmon in our river, we have a recovering Salmon fishery on the Clyde and encourage ALL Salmon be returned but again, if you want one for the table take a small 4-6lb Grilse (Summer Salmon) these are the best tasting fish, not a 15-20lb fish.

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